History of the kennel

My kennel history
De Vinko kennel was founded in 1997. Those world-famous dobermanns were born under that name -
Grafinya Chanel-San De Vinko, Grafinya Shnupse De Vinko, Grafinya Shirli De Vinko,
Adel-Adriana De Vinko, Alisiya De Vinko, Amadeya De Vinko, Arktur De Vinko.

In 2001 the kennel name was changed to De Grande Vinko continuing De Vinko line of breeding.

In 2017 for the reasons beyond my control and to be able keeping on breeding I had to register a new kennel in Russia
in FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) therefore please welcome VIVAT DE VINKO!
I will stick to De Vinko traditions and principles in breeding concentrating on health and show qualities and training abilities -
cultivating the style, spirit and beauty of the real Dobermann we all love and treasure.

And now I would like to present my new top T-litter in VIVAT DE VINKO kennel! All puppies are docked and cropped.